Gambit Partners named as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the UK 2023” by Silicon India


Written by Luke Glassford

Gambit Partners - Silicon India award 2023

Gambit Partners, under the leadership of Ajay Mistry, has been honoured as one of the 'Top 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the UK 2023' by Silicon India. This prestigious accolade underlines our commitment to empowering startups, enhancing growth, and contributing to their success stories.

Ajay Mistry, also the Co-Founder of iCAN—The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network—a cross-industry network focusing on the career development of ethnic minorities in the insurance industry, is on a mission to support startups and accelerate their growth process.

Our growth-centric and bespoke solutions in sales, marketing, and SEO help businesses stay agile and proactive in a competitive market. Our seasoned team employs years of expertise to expand our clients' customer base, amplify their social footprint, and stimulate their business growth, making us an invaluable partner for startups.

A pivotal element of our success is the Gambit 5-Step Growth Model. This approach includes the discovery of clients' unique challenges, developing tailored growth strategies, executing these plans, monitoring their progress, and fostering their independent growth in the long term.

One standout case, that of Lukango, a budding insurtech company, underscores the efficacy of our services. By delivering bespoke growth plans and marketing strategies we were able to support Lukango with their successful launch, reflecting our capability to drive success for startups.

Further differentiating us is our dual role as both a supporter and an angel investor, enabling startups to reach their full potential. These attributes, paired with our successful track record, make us a deserving recipient of this distinguished award and the ideal partner for ambitious startups.

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Luke Glassford

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