The Power of Client Testimonials: How to Use them to Build Trust and Credibility

Are you maximising the potential of your client testimonials? If not, you might be overlooking a powerful tool that can help you establish trust and credibility with potential clients. Testimonials are more than just positive words, they are endorsements that showcase your business’s services through the experiences of your previously satisfied customers or clients. By…

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TESTIMONIAL: How Gambit Partners Supported Sense Risk to Deliver Their New Insurance “HealthCheck” Platform and Social Media Strategy

At Gambit Partners, we take pride in our role supporting businesses that are looking to build and strengthen their online presence. Recently, we worked with Emily Kenna ACII, the Founder of insurance brokers Sense Risk. Sense Risk are on a mission to empower micro and SME business owners by helping them to better understand and…

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The Gambit Partners team at this year’s Broker Expo 2023

We are excited to share our participation in Broker Expo 2023, where we collaborated with iCAN: The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network, alongside partners Infopro Digital and Insurance Age. The insurance industry, like many others, has been on a journey towards greater diversity and inclusion in recent years. Our joint mission was to promote ethnic minority…

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Black History Month: Celebrating Our Sisters

What is Black History Month? Black History Month celebrates the resilience, empowerment, and incredible contributions of black individuals. It’s a journey through time, highlighting unsung heroes, trailblazers, and the rich tapestry of black culture. This month showcases stories of courage, innovation, and social progress, honouring the past while envisioning a more inclusive future. It electrifies…

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Gambit Partners at the Gen Z Elevate Conference

At Gambit Partners, we believe in supporting initiatives that empower the next generation of professionals and foster diversity and inclusion within industries. We had the privilege of being part of an extraordinary event – the Gen Z Elevate Conference hosted by iCAN (Insurance Cultural Awareness Network), in collaboration with Aviva. It was great to see…

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Celebrating Pedestrian: Gambit Partners’ Charity of the Year and their 25th Anniversary

Charity Of The Year - Pedestrian

As part of our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact in our community, we’re delighted to announce that Pedestrian, a Leicester-based charity doing incredible work, has been chosen as Gambit Partners’ ‘Charity of the Year’. Our Founder, Ajay Mistry, couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership. He said: “Supporting Pedestrian, an organisation that’s made…

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Gambit Partners named as one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the UK 2023” by Silicon India

Gambit Partners - Silicon India award 2023

Gambit Partners, under the leadership of Ajay Mistry, has been honoured as one of the ‘Top 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the UK 2023’ by Silicon India. This prestigious accolade underlines our commitment to empowering startups, enhancing growth, and contributing to their success stories. Ajay Mistry, also the Co-Founder of…

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CASE STUDY: How Gambit Partners Helped Lukango Double Its Business Valuation and Achieve Remarkable Growth

Lukango case study

Business valuation skyrocketed by 2x within half a year A striking 1356% surge in LinkedIn page interactions An impressive 600% jump in social media following “Gambit became an extended part of our team and positively influenced our progress. The collaboration led to meaningful changes within our company. We became more independent, equipped with the knowledge…

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