CASE STUDY: How Gambit Partners Helped Lukango Double Its Business Valuation and Achieve Remarkable Growth

  • Business valuation skyrocketed by 2x within half a year
  • A striking 1356% surge in LinkedIn page interactions
  • An impressive 600% jump in social media following

"Gambit became an extended part of our team and positively influenced our progress. The collaboration led to meaningful changes within our company. We became more independent, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for ongoing success."

Joanne Safo, CEO, Lukango

Effectively identifying and captivating the ideal audience

Lukango, an ambitious insurtech start-up with lofty aspirations, seeks to disrupt the insurance sector by making it more comprehensible, particularly for micro enterprises.

Joanne Safo, the CEO, believes that this unique selling point sets Lukango apart from its competitors.

"We have a firm belief in simplicity. We understand that small enterprises frequently grapple with the intricacies of insurance, and we aim to shift this dynamic. Everything we do is driven by our desire to make insurance understandable and accessible."

With a solid groundwork laid in the preceding year, Lukango launched its operations in 2022. Joanne and her team were bursting with enthusiasm and primed to disrupt the insurance industry.

However, like all ambitious ventures, they soon encountered obstacles.

Lukango's primary challenge was reaching an audience entrenched in the traditional insurance narrative. The company quickly found itself wrestling with:

  • Determining the exact target customer and gaining an in-depth understanding of this demographic.
  • Product segmentation and strategies for customer acquisition.
  • Competitor analysis to fine-tune innovative ideas and institute meaningful changes.
  • Crafting an effective marketing strategy to communicate its unique value proposition.

These hurdles influenced Lukango, prompting them to consider alternative methods of presenting their business plan and financial figures to potential partners.

"We reached a turning point during discussions with potential insurance partners. We realised that by augmenting our team with additional expertise, we could greatly accelerate our progress and represent our business more effectively."

As a small company with some knowledge gaps, Joanne sought assistance from Gambit Partners, a consultancy firm specialising in the insurtech sector.


Lukango started working with Gambit and has never looked back.

Gambit addressed the company's challenges head-on, offering support in various areas.

  • Gambit executed a competitor analysis, enabling Lukango to gain a deeper insight into their competitive landscape.
  • They assisted Lukango in refining their target customer base, ensuring the company’s message reached the intended recipients.
  • They engineered a social media strategy, amplifying Lukango’s voice across various platforms.
  • Lastly, they spearheaded an acquisition strategy, helping Lukango identify potential partners.

"Collaborating with Gambit allowed us access to a diverse team of specialists. The communication was flawless, everyone was aligned. The partnership was about more than just ticking off milestones. It also fostered a supportive and trusting relationship."

RESULTS: A doubled business valuation, multiple partnerships secured and increased expertise

In the six months it was collaborating with Gambit, Lukango’s business valuation doubled, having caught the attention of investors through its enhanced expertise and refined strategies.

The company also significantly boosted its social media presence and engagement.

Thanks to the collaboration with Gambit, its follower count skyrocketed from 100 to nearly 700, and platforms like LinkedIn became buzzing hubs of interaction. The company's message was resonating with its target audience like never before.

The additional information and insights shared by Gambit equipped the company with the confidence and depth of knowledge required for compelling discussions.

"We learnt the foundation to have conversations with insurance partners became more compelling and fruitful, leading to valuable industry partnerships."

The partnership wasn't just about quantifiable changes and measurable benefits.

The collaboration brought about positive shifts within Lukango. The company became more self-reliant in crucial areas such as social media management, customer analysis, SEO, and keywords. This reduction in dependence on external help enabled Lukango to streamline its processes and enhance the efficiency of daily operations and planning.

"Gambit has a unique approach – it aims to make itself redundant. It might sound strange, but it was all about knowledge transfer and long-term self-sufficiency. It wants to empower you to stand on your own two feet, armed with the expertise and skills necessary for continued success."

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