Congratulations to our Founder Ajay Mistry: A Power Player Driving Inclusivity in the Insurance Industry

We are thrilled to congratulate Gambit Partners Founder, Ajay Mistry, who is also the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of iCAN (Insurance Cultural Awareness Network), for his well-deserved recognition on the Insurance Post Power List 2023.

This esteemed list acknowledges Ajay's exceptional contributions and leadership in promoting multicultural and international talent within the insurance sector. With his extensive experience and dedication to fostering diversity, Ajay has become a driving force for positive change. We commend his achievements and look forward to his continued impact on the industry.

A Passion for Inclusion and Cultural Awareness

Ajay Mistry's commitment to promoting diversity is evident through his role as co-founder and co-chair of iCAN. Established in 2017, iCAN is a cross-industry network that focuses on supporting and promoting multicultural and international talent in the insurance sector.

With over 5,500 members, the network has created a platform for fostering inclusion and raising awareness of different cultures. Ajay's leadership has been instrumental in driving these initiatives and ensuring that the insurance industry becomes more diverse and representative.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

In addition to his involvement with iCAN, Ajay Mistry has an impressive professional background that showcases his in-depth understanding of the insurance industry.

As a board member of the Society of Insurance Broking, Ajay contributes to shaping industry standards and practices.

Furthermore, he is the founder and director of Gambit Partners, a company that collaborates with businesses to support and implement sales, marketing, and growth strategies. Having worked at renowned organisations such as Aviva, Aon, and Brokerbility, Ajay possesses a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience that empowers him to drive meaningful change within the industry.

A Future of Influence and Impact

The Insurance Post said: “Ajay Mistry's relentless efforts to make the insurance industry more diverse and inclusive have positioned him as a prominent figure to watch.

"While this marks his first appearance on the Insurance Post Power List, it is undoubtedly the beginning of a remarkable journey. His work to make the industry more diverse means he is bound to make great waves in insurance for years to come so while this may be his first appearance on Insurance Post’s Power List, it is highly unlikely that it will be his last.”

Well done to Ajay!

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