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Build your own SEO package

Our SEO Builder package enables you to improve your website's SEO performance on your own terms.

The options below are for businesses who have either already benefitted from our SEO Starter Kit, or need more specific help with their SEO processes and campaigns.

All SEO Builder orders come with full chat support from our SEO professionals, so you can ask any follow-up questions and get expert advice when you need it.

Ready to take control of your SEO? Choose from our list of one-off services below, or get in touch now for more information.

1 Hour SEO Consultation

A consultation with our SEO expert to discuss any aspect of your SEO strategy.

Ask any SEO question

Get a second opinion on your SEO activity

Get help or advice on any SEO topic

Use it as an SEO training session

This 1-hour SEO consultation will take place over Zoom or Teams, and can be used to review and build on your previous activity or as a starting point for a new SEO direction.

Technical SEO amends

If you have had a Technical SEO audit as part of our SEO Starter Kit, or you think your website needs a Technical refresh, we can implement a range of amends and updates to improve and fix:

Page Speed

Page errors like 404s

Duplicate content

HTTPS issues

Ideal for businesses who want a quick ‘MOT’ of their current Technical SEO position.

Keyword research

We can find new keywords for you to target with your content.

Target keywords will be chosen based on:

How popular they are

How relevant they are to your business/services

How competitive they are

Discover new long-tail keywords to focus blog posts on as well as new target keywords for your homepage, category pages, service pages and products pages.

Content writing

Our expert copywriters can write fully-optimised web pages and blog posts for you.

The finished copy will be researched and produced to the highest standard, featuring:

Optimised title tag

Optimised header tags (H1, H2 and H3)

Internal links featuring keyword-rich anchor text

Ideal for businesses that do not have the time or resource in-house to produce content, or those who would like a fully-optimised and keyword-rich blog post produced to use as a template in the future.

Content publishing

We can publish web pages, blog posts, guides, ebooks and any other resource onto your website - making sure it is formatted correctly and providing peace of mind that there are no issues with your final content.

We can publish content on popular Content Management Systems such as:







And much more!

Link building

Link building is often the most complicated and time-consuming part of an SEO campaign.

Our experts can help with any aspect of your link building efforts, including:

Link building strategy development

Competitor link profile analysis

Research to identify link targets

Outreach email creation

Outreach email sending

And much more!

Whatever assistance you need with link building, our experts are on hand to help.

Meet our SEO expert

With 15 years of SEO experience I've had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of websites, including multinational corporations, large ecommerce websites, startups and local businesses.

My key objective has always been to enhance their online presence, improve their Google rankings and increase organic traffic to ultimately drive sales and leads.

To do this I adopt a unique, client-centric approach for each project, consistently aiming for that coveted front-page Google spot. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I explore innovative techniques and tailor SEO strategies to each client's needs.

More than just achieving results, I believe in empowering our clients by helping them to understand the process. In an era where ads are losing ground, the right SEO strategy can make a real difference. Let's navigate this digital journey together.


Luke Glassford

Marketing Director

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