SEO 'Done For You'

SEO 'Done For You'

Give your SEO a boost with our special 3-month program.

Hands-on SEO help and advice to boost your traffic and sales

Our 3-month SEO program is specially designed to take any website to the next level.

Our in-house SEO expert will personally work on your website, making sure there are no technical issues affecting your search engine ranking positions, ensuring your content is optimised for the best keywords and developing an effective and scalable link building strategy to guarantee long-term SEO success.

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What you get

There are six main aspects to our SEO 'Done For You' package, covering everything required to improve your website's ranking positions in Google and other search engines.

From Technical SEO improvements to detailed keyword research, content creation and optimisation, and link building strategies, our proven SEO approach will set the foundations for long term success for your website.

Technical SEO Audit

Make sure there are no technical errors are holding your website back, such as slow page speed, mobile usability issues, 404 pages, duplicate content and more.

Technical SEO Amends

We will either fix the technical SEO issues we find during our audit, or work directly with you and/or your web developer to fix them.

Keyword Research

We use a range of different tactics and techniques to identify the best search terms for your website to focus on, based on how relevant they are, how popular they are and how hard it is to rank for them.

Content Optimisation

We will optimise the pages on your website for the target keywords identified by our keyword research - including your homepage, category/service pages and product pages.

Content Plan

We will also develop a long-term content plan so your website can target long tail keywords via blog posts, resources and guides

Link Building

We will develop and begin to implement a targeted long-term link building strategy to help boost your authority.

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How our SEO 'Done For You' package works

To get started with our SEO 'Done For You' package we first need to get to know your business, your website and the competitive landscape you operate in.

This is done via a video call with you and a detailed SEO Review and Audit of your current website.

This enables us to then develop an effective SEO strategy based on improving the fundamentals of SEO, namely:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page optimisation
  • Link building

We will then provide you with your own 3-month activity plan that details exactly what we will do in those fundamental areas to help lay the foundations of better ranking positions and more targeted organic search traffic.


Meet our SEO expert

With 15 years of SEO experience I've had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of websites, including multinational corporations, large ecommerce websites, startups and local businesses.

My key objective has always been to enhance their online presence, improve their Google rankings and increase organic traffic to ultimately drive sales and leads.

To do this I adopt a unique, client-centric approach for each project, consistently aiming for that coveted front-page Google spot. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I explore innovative techniques and tailor SEO strategies to each client's needs.

More than just achieving results, I believe in empowering our clients by helping them to understand the process. In an era where ads are losing ground, the right SEO strategy can make a real difference. Let's navigate this digital journey together.


Luke Glassford

Marketing Director


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