TESTIMONIAL: How Gambit Partners Supported Sense Risk to Deliver Their New Insurance “HealthCheck” Platform and Social Media Strategy

At Gambit Partners, we take pride in our role supporting businesses that are looking to build and strengthen their online presence.

Recently, we worked with Emily Kenna ACII, the Founder of insurance brokers Sense Risk. Sense Risk are on a mission to empower micro and SME business owners by helping them to better understand and manage their insurable risks.


What was the goal?

Emily's vision was clear. She wanted to launch the new Risk HealthCheck platform while also improving the SEO visibility of the website as a whole.

We created a plan to support Emily in achieving these goals, with a commitment to understanding the brand's unique needs and requirements.


What did we do?

We firmly believe that effective collaboration begins with the comprehensive understanding of our client's goals. By taking the time to understand what was required, we laid a solid foundation for our partnership.

A crucial aspect of our collaboration was to enhance Sense Risk's online presence. This meant making strategic improvements to the brand's website. We wanted to ensure that the website was not only visually appealing but also optimised for SEO, allowing Sense Risk to rank higher in search engine results.

We believe a robust social media presence is also essential for businesses. We crafted and delivered a tailored social media strategy for the brand's LinkedIn profile to bolster Sense Risk's online footprint. This strategy aimed to engage and connect with a broader audience, further enhancing the brand's visibility.


Emily shared:

"I appointed Gambit to help me launch our Risk HealthCheck and improve and build on our website / social media presence to help with SEO. They delivered exactly on the brief. Their communication was excellent, and their expertise in the insurance sector really added value. They are marketing advocates for your business, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at a launchpad for their marketing."


If you are looking for a partner to help optimise your online presence, improve your SEO and craft a tailored social media strategy, we can support you in your journey.

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