Why Startups Should Invest In SEO


Written by Luke Glassford

Why Startups Should Invest In SEO

Startup founders have to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities, with every decision having the potential to impact your business’s success.

One of the most important decisions a founder will have to make is deciding which marketing channels to focus on to promote your business.

As startups usually require ‘quick wins’ in terms of sales and leads, SEO is not always seen as a viable marketing channel as it can take some time to get results. However, there are a lot of benefits to investing in SEO as soon as possible.

Below we have listed the main reason why startups should invest in SEO, from helping to get more targeted traffic to improving brand visibility, building customer trust and getting more sales.

Why Startups Should Invest In SEO - infographic

Investing in SEO is important for any startup that wants to establish a strong online presence and increase their brand visibility.

Startups have a unique opportunity to develop their SEO strategy from a blank slate, ensuring that SEO best practices are included in the website design, content strategy and PR plans from the very beginning.

If you would like to learn more about developing an effective SEO strategy for your startup or SME business, book a FREE strategy call today:

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Get real-time, face-to-face SEO advice from our SEO expert Luke Glassford.


Book your FREE SEO strategy call!

Get real-time, face-to-face SEO advice from our SEO expert Luke Glassford.

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