Why Your Business Might Need A Sales And Marketing Consultant


Written by Luke Glassford

Why your business might need a sales and marketing consultant

From 2019 to 2020, around 665,495 start-up businesses were established in the UK. That's equivalent to 1,823 businesses per day, or 75.9 per hour.

It’s safe to assume that every business owner is optimistic of finding success.  But apart from having a good product and superb service, it is equally important to have sharp and effective sales and marketing strategies.

To help with that, a lot of business owners hire an outside consultant to lead their sales and marketing efforts.

But what is a sales and marketing consultant, and what benefits can they bring to your business?

These experts are knowledgeable in the latest sales and marketing strategies used by some of the most successful businesses. With their experience and knowledge, they analyse businesses and provide cost-effective solutions to boost their sales and marketing results.

Benefits of using a sales and marketing consultant

Below we list some of the most common reasons why you should consider hiring a sales and marketing consultant.

Build a good impression with your audience

Marketing aims to leave a good impression on your audience and convince them to buy your products or services.

For some companies, hiring a sales and marketing consultant early on can help them establish a good first impression on potential customers. Sales and marketing consultants can help build a company’s brand, voice, and even the method of how to sell products and services.

In a highly competitive market, receiving expert advice could make a difference between success and failure.

Identify potential issues

Another reason to hire a sales and marketing consultant is to get to identify reasons why your business may not be achieving its goals.

Whether it's a problem in your branding or the way you communicate with your audience, a sales and marketing consultant can help identify the problem.

For some business owners, they only notice such problems when it’s too late and sales start to drop. With the help of expert sales and marketing consultants, issues can be diagnosed and rectified quickly before they have too much of an impact.

They can look at your existing data, define problem areas or potential risks, and recommend a better approach.

Add experience to your business

Some businesses lack the in-house experience to develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies – leaving them to ‘muddle through’ and do what they can.

With the help of experienced sales and marketing experts, your business can access a wealth of experience in advanced techniques and strategies.

Sales and marketing experts may have already encountered the same problems or challenges your business faces, making it easier to find solutions. On top of that, they usually have up-to-date knowledge of technologies and marketing trends that can help give your business the edge.

Use your resources more efficiently

Whether you are limited by budget or you have a growing business, it is important to not overspend. Without the experience and direction of a consultant, you could be spending more than you need to on Google Ads, for instance. Or perhaps you are over-reliant on Google Ads and should be focusing on building your traffic from organic search?

A consultant can give you a fresh perspective and evaluate how you market your business, determining more cost-effective areas for improvement.

Help you seize opportunities

Apart from having problems in sales and marketing, businesses could also hire a consultant when they are doing well.

Sales and marketing experts can help businesses reach the next level by pointing out opportunities that they may have overlooked – this could include cross-selling and upselling opportunities, or new marketing channels that have not been utilised.

Save time and money

Hiring consultants might seem like an additional cost at first, but in reality, this helps save you time and money.

With the help of a sales and marketing consultant, you won't waste your time figuring out the problem. They can also help establish more efficient processes throughout your business, making sure you and your staff are focusing on the areas that bring the most returns.


Lastly, sales and marketing consultants can bring an element of flexibility to a business. Unlike employees who receive a monthly salary plus benefits, consultants can get paid by the hour or per project and their contract typically ends once the project has been completed.

This flexibility gives business owners more freedom with what the consultant is focusing on, meaning they can work solely on a certain campaign, or be brought in on a wider project.

To learn more about how Gambit Partners can help your business establish effective sales, marketing and growth strategies, get in touch below.

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